Hey there.

You can call me Rock! I'm a designer that focuses on growth and leaving a positive impression. If I'm not designing, you can find me playing games online, outside playing sports, hanging out at the movie theaters, or eating food. On my vacation, I also love taking videos and pictures.
In my younger days, I ventured into lots of physical activity. Taekwondo was actually a very big part of my life since I practiced it for 13 years. I believe those years largely shaped my personality.
For all the amount of sitting on the chair that I do in a day, I try to equally match with physical activity. Currently, I'm practicing badminton and hitting the gym! Soon I'd also like to journey into Muay Thai.
My passion for design stems from my passion for video games. I was the type of toddler whose face was glued on the screen. Although you could probably say the same thing about me today.
I fell in love with design. It was probably unconsciously, but every video game I was addicted to had complex interactions and intuitive menus. I would also crave to play games with great cover art and game graphics. That attentiveness definitely followed me to this age.
Every so often I like to turn my brain off and go through an epic adventure outside my comfort zone. I love discovering new landscapes and finding new cultural appreciations. I find the best way to learn about the world and yourself is to seek discomfort.
During those times, I usually take my passion for photography and video for a spin and try to portray my observations through stills and recordings. You can view them on my Instagram or YouTube!
If you'd like to work with me on any type of project that you think I would be serviceable, feel free to send me an e-mail or DM!